City experience

Sept. 16, 2020, 5:48 a.m.
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Wake up every day, noisy outside because traffic and drug addicts shouting

Try to have a shower, struggle to fit in a room smaller than a jail cell because you can't afford rent

Go outside, inhale air full of lead and other neurotoxins from the gasoline

Get into car, drive to work for 1 hour because you can't afford rent closer to work and there's a traffic jam

Work in an open plan office and you can hear the entire office's intake of their drug (caffeine)

Microdose on aderall because boss is standing behind your back and can see you type and you must look productive

30 minute lunch break, buy something super unhealthy and overpriced and full of estrogen

Go back to work

Finally 5pm, already dark outside

Drive back home

Eat shitty dinner full of carcinogens, feel lonely. Swipe on tinder trying to find waifu. You're competing with Instagram supermodels and millionaires. Every profile demands 1.80m+ 6 figure salary and is a single mum with tattoos and bipolar disorder
It's 9pm now and you're tired of acting like a clown on tinder. Go watch anime. Due to network congestion you can't even ping even though you pay $100 for your Internet plan

Fuck it, just play some games

Fire up a game and start playing. Your keyboard wakes up the neighbours and they whine. You stop playing and decide to watch TV

Open TV

It's a reality TV show about rich idiots doing dumb shit but they make 100x your wage being retarded

Also a rerun of Taken 2 with Liam Nelson

Get tired

Too depressed to even fap properly, go to sleep

At least it's weekend tomorrow
Wake up on Saturday, streets smell of piss and vomit because drug addicts were partying all day yesterday

Send text messages to group chat to see if friends wanna go out with you

Everyone is depressed and working overtime over the weekend, no time

Try to watch anime again, can't even watch 3 episodes because slice of life anime reminds you of when your life didn't suck

Go to club

Music super loud, can't even hear your own thoughts

Everyone is drinking and doing drugs and being retarded

Nobody cares about you or your shitty incel hobbies (animu) or your shitty incel job (coding) or your shitty incel mental disorder (depression)

Drink 3 vodkas

Get drunk alone

Go back home

Sunday arrives, hungover from previous day

Can't do anything

Monday arrives, repeat

I love city life

The end