sillypaste backlog (original)

Sept. 4, 2020, 10:33 a.m.
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# Local Variables:
# eval: (auto-revert-mode 1)
# End:

* TODO Clearly indicate when times are local or server
* TODO Fix link blue on salmon background contrast
* TODO Add more spacing
* TODO Fix various alignments (e.g. top bar)
* TODO Add admin edit button on web app
* TODO Create sillypaste bash script

I have someone in mind to do this.

* DONE Support firefox custom datetime input

It turns out firefox [[][does not support datetime-local]]. Pretty lame.  See:
- [[][input type=date]]
- [[][input type=time]]

* DONE Fix firefox mobile printing

Wontfix.  No idea why the heck firefox gets this so wrong.

on firefox mobile only the first page is printed

* DONE Fix edit errors

errors are not presented nicely

* DONE Improve user flows

- style errors better

* DONE Create rest api
CLOSED: [2020-09-10 Thu 01:21]

* DONE Local-ize all datetimes
* DONE Restyle homepage

I did restyle it but I don't know if I like it...

* DONE Handle mobile viewports better
CLOSED: [2020-09-09 Wed 08:53]

** DONE Remove horiz. spacing kn paste body on mobile
CLOSED: [2020-09-09 Wed 08:53]

** DONE vh100 bad on ios
* DONE Paginate all pastes
* DONE Fix Safari (again)

The footer is interrupting content.  See the following images:
Safari is the worst thing since sliced bread.

* DONE Add privacy policy
* DONE Fix edit flow expiration inputs

expiration defaults to 1 day regardless of what the paste's expiration is set

* DONE Add syntax highlighting
* DONE Add user accounts

Can be used to "own" pastes to delete, edit, and list by user.

* DONE Top bar not drawing correctly on iphone
* DONE redo stale views

Form ingress is tedious.

* DONE Style for print
* DONE Uniquely Id pastes by their <title> and have the same exact <TITLE>

* DONE Fix Content-Type

It should have charset encoding.

* DONE Fix web layout
** DONE Align footer bottom

   Nah. I rather not do this. It's silly.

** DONE Fix Raw valign
** DONE remove scrollable viewer

Compare to this pastebin's layout

* DONE Show hit count

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