sillypaste backlog (original)

Sept. 4, 2020, 10:33 a.m.
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# Local Variables: # eval: (auto-revert-mode 1) # End: #+startup:indent

TODOClearly indicate when times are local or server

TODOFix link blue on salmon background contrast

TODOAdd more spacing

TODOFix various alignments (e.g. top bar)

TODOAdd admin edit button on web app

TODOCreate sillypaste bash script

I have someone in mind to do this.

DONESupport firefox custom datetime input

It turns out firefox does not support datetime-local Pretty lame. See:

DONEFix firefox mobile printing

Wontfix. No idea why the heck firefox gets this so wrong.

on firefox mobile only the first page is printed

DONEFix edit errors

errors are not presented nicely

DONEImprove user flows

DONECreate rest api

CLOSED: [2020-09-10 Thu 01:21]

DONELocal-ize all datetimes

DONERestyle homepage

I did restyle it but I don't know if I like it...

DONEHandle mobile viewports better

CLOSED: [2020-09-09 Wed 08:53]

DONERemove horiz. spacing kn paste body on mobile

CLOSED: [2020-09-09 Wed 08:53]

DONEvh100 bad on ios

DONEPaginate all pastes

DONEFix Safari (again)

The footer is interrupting content. See the following images:

Safari is the worst thing since sliced bread.

DONEAdd privacy policy

DONEFix edit flow expiration inputs

expiration defaults to 1 day regardless of what the paste's expiration is set to

DONEAdd syntax highlighting

DONEAdd user accounts

Can be used to "own" pastes to delete, edit, and list by user.

DONETop bar not drawing correctly on iphone


DONEredo stale views

Form ingress is tedious.

DONEStyle for print

DONEUniquely Id pastes by their <title> and have the same exact <TITLE>

DONEFix Content-Type

It should have charset encoding.

DONEFix web layout

DONEAlign footer bottom

Nah. I rather not do this. It's silly.

DONEFix Raw valign

DONEremove scrollable viewer

Compare to this pastebin's layout

DONEShow hit count

View count