sillypaste backlog

Sept. 4, 2020, 4:43 p.m.
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DONEFix Content-Type

It should have charset encoding.

TODOAdd user accounts

Can be used to "own" pastes to delete, edit, and list by user.

TODOAdd paste comments

TODOAdd markdown in pastes

TODOSupport plain-text pastes larger than 128MB

TODOAdd code highlighting support

TODOWrite Emacs plugin

TODORewrite front-end in CoffeeScript

TODOSupport binary content in pastes

TODOAdd machine learning facial recognition for ASCII art portraits of past German chancellors

TODOWrite Amazon Alex skill that says "Silly!" each time the user enters the text "sillypaste" in some device somewhere

TODOAdd Paste Time Travel™, to enable viewing pastes created in the future

TODOAdd postal gateway, whereby users make pastes via postal mail or Fedex

TODOSupport EBCDIC and Windows-1254 character encodings

TODOWrite $50 iOS app

TODOImprove effectiveness of TLS

All requests served should be padded to size multiples of 256MB, preventing an adversary from determining the paste being served by the page transmission size.

TODOIntegrate Facebook Like and Twitter Tweet buttons, increasing the JavaScript resources size 100-fold

TODOWingdings as the default font face for UI elements

TODOPresent users with EULA before each paste, with terms agreeing to transfer all their copyrights to Sillypaste LTD and receive a cc-by-sa, GPLv3, or AGPLv3 license back on those copyrights.

Add a clause that users from the United States agree not to vote for Donald Trump, with remedy for violations being set at $10,000,000 per violation per person.

TODOAdd ASCII Art video playback

TODOAdd gopher:// interface

TODOredo stale views

Form ingress is tedious.

TODOCreate rest api

DONEFix web layout

DONEAlign footer bottom

Nah. I rather not do this. It's silly.

DONEFix Raw valign

DONEremove scrollable viewer

Compare to this pastebin's layout

DONEShow hit count

View count